Ananya Skils

Mrs. Lavanya Patel

Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Lavanya Patel is a Clinical Psychologist. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Counsellor. Director of Ananya Life Skills Centre, Vapi for more than 18 years.


A Place where there are one definitely finds an amicable and amiable ambiance, providing a solution for all kinds of stress and mental trauma. The Counselling which they receive there is one of its kind. Simultaneously, the Remedial Learning center has Learning Disabled students, who throng there happily, as a result of the unique, amusing and fun-filled Remedial Learning provided there. It is an unfailing effort to recreate the learning experience of thousands of children, who find themselves better placed in Education. Likewise is the feeling of all those who come there for Consultation and Counselling, which definitely paves the way for restoring their mental health and way of life. Ananya Lifeskills Centre, though in Vapi, yet has reached to many nooks and corners of India, by virtue of this thus acquiring the dimensions of a national entity.