Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism is a social evil. Alcohol addiction is prevalent in Vapi, Daman, Silvassa belt. It is because alcohol is cheap, readily available and it has a relatively less social stigma attached to it.

There are many techniques available for curing this habit. They include:

  • Detoxification by admission if the patient is in withdrawal. Here we check his liver, kidney and other possible damages that were done by chronic alcohol abuse and treat accordingly. Sometimes withdrawal cause convulsions, delirious behavior, psychotic episode, etc which may last up to 10 days. Once the patient is out of withdrawal, he is given counseling sessions and put under anti-craving medications.
  • With the willingness of the patient, we provide Antabuse therapy. It consists of a specific tablet which causes dislike for alcohol. During this therapy, if the patient takes alcohol, he/she may experience unpleasant feelings like nausea, redness of his skin, restlessness, etc. In the case of vomiting, after consumption of alcohol, the fluid loss is replenished by lime water with salt and sugar. I.V. fluids are seldom given after admission. During excessive sweating or fainting, the patient is offered plenty of water and laid in a head low position. Tablet Avil 25 m.g. along with Cap OMEZ D and tablet Wysolone 10 m.g., will cut off any excessive reaction to Antabuse, which may be required in rare cases.
    Like all therapies, Antabuse therapy involves a minor risk. Most of the patients experience minor side effects which are essential for alcohol abstinence.
    The Antabuse tablet is started on a low dose and gradually increased. We advise half a tablet daily for 5 days, followed by 1 tablet for 10 days, followed by one and a half tablet for 10 days and finally 2 tablets per day as the maximum dose. If the patient has the desired effect on half a tablet or 1 tablet, there is no need to increase further and one may continue on the same dosage which gives the desired effect. The Antabuse treatment should be continued for 8 to 12 months.
    Anti-craving drugs (Acamprol, Topiramate, Divalproex, Naltima, etc.) are considered adjacent to Antabuse therapy. The patient should live a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise, yoga, meditation, reading good books, try quitting some bad habits like tobacco intake, etc.